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In addition to being one of the world’s favorite pastimes, origami offers numerous solutions and ideas in the world of design, fashion, home, technology and education.

This is a free site that illustrates how to make unique origami models that you'll find nowhere else. Some are easy to fold, some difficult, but all are fun to fold and play with. No scissors, glue or tape required for the construcctions of the models.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Origami flowers

4 bloom petals grommet (P Jackson)
4 bloom petal Origami (F Guarnieri)
Flower 8 petals grommet (ORC)
Flower 8 petals (F Guarnieri)
Traditional blossom 8 petals (Michaelis M)

Flower from 20 units (M Sanders)
Anthurium (Cucek SS)
Anthurium: pg 1, pg 2 (a Barbour)
Azalea (feature) (Lundberg K)
Flower conventional campaign

Bloom (Foelker R)
Blooming bloom (Sturm G)
Traditional bells
Blue bloom (R Gretter)
Traditional Camellia

Carnation/Carnation (traditional)
Cherry blooms (Jasper)
Cherry blooms (help) (Cucek SS)
Cherry blooms (Wu/Weinbaum)
Christmas Cactus (M van Gelder) flower

Christmas Cactus (a Walden)
Columbine (a Barbour)
Renate colombina (KA Lundberg)
Traditional cornflower
Narcissus (S or " Hanlon)

Narciso (M Leonard)
Dahlia (M van Gelder)
Margarita (P D'Auria)
Traditional Lily
Edelweiss (F Grebenicek)

Eric Lotus (Bergmark E)
Evening primrose (Ishibasi M)
Flor de Maria (C Onishi)
Floribunda: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (D Walker)
Flower Bowl (a Hans)
: 1-2 base, bloom (T Yenn)

Flower of Rose (D Scott)
Flower with a star (R Gretter)
Flowers with leaves (Budai P)
Traditional Bell
Hexagon bloom (Evron and)

Iris (traditional)
Morven blossom (D Walker)
Orchid (C Michelet)
Golden shoe Orchid (KA Lundberg)
Lady's Slipper Orchid: (a Barbour)
PG 1, pg 2, pg 3
Bracts, leaf,
Stem, outbreaks

Poinsettia (M Brina)
Primula (Sonobe M)
Simple blossom (traditional)
Spiral bloom pg 4 (J Koppel)
Orchid of three winged creatures (a Walden)

Tulip and leaf (traditional)
Tulip (Kirschenbaum M)
Tulip (DreamYourWonders)
Flat Tulip (ActivityVillage)

Pad water lily (M van Gelder)
Water lily (traditional)
Wild blossoms (M Brina)

$Anthurium blossom (a Waldon)
$Flower: bolster 1, 2 (S Hecht) help to
$Modular blossom (C Edison)
$3 bloom; (feature) (R. Lang)
Ligature $Flower (do-origami.com)

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Books on Origami flowers

Flowers of origami by Soonboke Smith (review)
Flower Origami by Fumio Inoue
Origami blooms: prevalent blossoms and inventive bundles by Hayashi H
Roses, Origami and Mathematics by Toshikazu Kawasaki
view these books in: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France

How to make Origami flowers

If you're here to figure out how to make origami blooms, then youve go to the correct spot. I've done a ton of directions and outlines accessible for a mixture of blooms. You'll have a fabulous time while you figure out how to overlay a great deal of origami.

Some origami blossoms are basic and some more progressed, yet I made a point to do my best to make the guidelines simple to take after as could be expected under the circumstances. In the event that you are ever caught in one stage, you can simply get in touch with me for help.

Easy Origami rose
Difficulty: EasyOrigami flowers
Difficulty: MediumOrigami blossom stem
Difficulty: MediumOrigami Iris
Difficulty: MediumKusudama flowers
Difficulty: Easy-MediumOrigami stem (Tulip)
Difficulty: Easy MediumOrigami Tulip
Difficulty: MediumEasy Origami sunflower
Difficulty: Facilfacil Origami Tulip
Difficulty: easy
Show off your origami! Email the photograph of origami to origamiway@yahoo.com!</ - ></ - >

Paper Airplane

Challenging the present world records ought to be as indicated by global models created by the Association (PAA) paper planes and the tenets of Guinness World Record. Guarantee worldwide equivalence of results presupposes taking after these official tenets of Red Bull paper wings.

More long distance

Note: to view a feature loaded with collapsing directions, go to Google Video and paper plane. You can begin and stop the feature as expected to help the collapsing. The connection will open in a different window.
-Steps 1-3
1. begin with a customary sheet of 8 1/2 "x 11" - 21.6 x 28 cm (paper size sort U.S.standard). The accurate size is not vital, must be rectangular, not square. The paper must be no less than 20 lb bond or duplicate paper.

2. fold the left corner as shown.

3 fold

-Step 4-6
4. the result

5. fold the privilege corner.

6 fold

-Steps 7-9
7. the result

8. painstakingly shut the sides as shown.

9 fold down the Center forefront back.

-Steps 10 - 12 enhancing paper airplanes
10. fold the subsequent tip of left hand as shown.

11. fold the base edge.

12. rehash the same methodology in the privilege section.

All rivalries must be made inside without wind.
Paper planes are just to be fabricated on a bit of paper: Standard A4 group, close to 100 grams. The sharp edge must be changed by collapsing just! Cut the string, sticking, cutting, stapling or ballasting is not allowed!
Paper planes must be based on the site with the supplied authority role.
The airplane must be dispatched by a man hauling the flying machine without help behind a discharge straight line stamped on the floor. The wiring of the line's dispatch to preclusion. Touch the dispatch line or anyplace past amid the dispatch, prompts an invalid endeavor. Taking after the dispatch, the launcher can move past the dispatch line.
Allow two trials for each member. Diverse planes, can be utilized he has the best attempt.
The most noteworthy separation ought to be measured with an institutionalized tape or laser/feature establishment. Conclusive for
the estimation are the purpose of flight at the beginning line and the first point where the flying machine hit the ground or any item. Results ought to be numberd in m/mm or feet.
Longer time

All rivalries must be made inside without wind.
Paper planes are just to be made on a bit of paper: Standard A4 position, close to 100 grams. The cutting edge must be changed by collapsing just! Cut the string, sticking, cutting, stapling or ballasting is not allowed!
Paper planes must be based on the site with the supplied authority role.
The air ship must be propelled by a man pulling the air ship without help from a position sensibly static. The member must have the mark of both feet on the ground amid the endeavor of. A past period is not allowed or energetic strolling as a component of the dispatch, and utilization of inclines or devices.
Allow two trials for every member. Diverse planes, can be utilized he has the best attempt.
Decisive for the estimation are the minutes when the paper plane crazy and first hits the ground or any article. Results are in tenth of seconds.

most striking around a paper plane it is that you should do nothing more than a sheet of paper, nothing more. You needn't bother with scissors, paste, tape or paper cuts. A few overlays, two or three alterations and it has a directing wheel superb part. Properties of paper give the plane every one of the credits you need.

How to overlap a paper airplane

If you have never done a paper plane, presumably have collapsed the paper in a straightforward DART - as they have no less than a hundred years. Be that as it may, in the most recent two decades, fashioners of paper planes have imported methods of origami. Maybe the best development was the expansion of a crowd for the configuration of the excellent dart to make an airplane called the "Nakamura lock" craftsman of origami who designed.

All rivalries must be made inside without wind.
Body planes must be paper yet there are no limitations as far as quality, size and specialized part of the flying machine construction.
Planes can not be controlled.
Supporting material is allowed but rather ought not impact the flight once the flying machine launched.
Ready-made arrangements may be brought all through the competition.
Limitations of the body don't happen at the launch.
The conduct is judged by a jury. Each of the 5 individuals from the jury grant of 1 to 10 focuses.
The synopsis of the focuses granted will demonstrate the result.
The jury will make the judge as per the accompanying criteria:
The paper flying machine construction
Flight performance
Global innovativeness (of the Launcher, arrangement and performance)
Regarding flight execution, the jury ought to their focuses in the execution of the flight, for instance, the breadth of the circle/wave/circle; soundness and flight duration.
Each member has a 1 moment time space to perform before the jury.
There is no single classes for extraordinary moves (e.g. consistent circles, steady loops).
Special impacts, for example, bombs, rockets, flame, impacts are prohibited!
These tenets are affirmed and proclaimed formally by the Director's flight that will be in charge of its perception with a specific end goal to guarantee reasonable rivalry. Challenge must be made by the chief of the particular nation group and ought to be tended to the Director of flight. The flight Director can request rehashes.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Origami Lotus Flower

Origami Lotus Flower

Fantastic model that will blow the mind of the receiver, guaranteed! We admit, it's hard work because you will use 12 sheets of papers to fold this master piece but if we try to grade this model on a 1 to 10 scale it would probably break the upper limit with an 11, no question. So whether it's for decoration or as a gift to a loved one this Origami Lotus Flower will satisfy your expectations.

For hundreds of easy to fold models go to Origami-Kids.com