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This is a free site that illustrates how to make unique origami models that you'll find nowhere else. Some are easy to fold, some difficult, but all are fun to fold and play with. No scissors, glue or tape required for the construcctions of the models.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I need your HELP (1)

I speak only Spanish, and the English text included in the web, were obtained by means of the translator Online of Google. If you speak English perfectly and don't understand the following text, I would thank you that you rewrite and post then without errors. Best Regards. Victor (The Webmaster)

This is the text:

If you like to make paper airplanes, you'll love Origami-Kids.com. Here, you will find instructions and diagrams totally FREE, to make several models of paper airplanes and paper boats, with Interactive 3D animation to fold the airplanes and boats, that guided you, step to step, in the construction of the models.ORIGAMI-KIDS.COM offers you almost 50 models of paper airplanes and paper ships classified in the following categories: Gliders, Hunters, Vortexes, Tumbling and Paper Ships. Also is include helpful flight tips for each design. No scissors, glue, or tape required. We have also included a new section of Origami 3D.