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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Nakamura is a awesome plane. Do not squeeze the nakamura's keel together like you are throwing a paper dart or airplane. This nakamura does not have a trajectory. It follows a distinct and flowing flight path. With the nakamura at rest, and the keel in its natural 'V' shape, is the shape it must be flown in. Do not throw the nakamura. Gently push it on its way and if it is trimmed properly, it will find its glide speed and settle into its flight path. If it exhibits stalling characteristics, gently untwist the wings by flattening the camber crease and try again. If it turns left, then the left wing has more camber and or twist than the right wing, and vice versa. If it spirals into the dirt, then increase the amount of camber and or twist in both wings and try again. Try to keep the wings as horizontal as possible, by this I mean that you should have no anhedral or dihedral because swept wings take care of roll stability.

To Fold it Click Here Nakamura