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Monday, May 4, 2009

Mantler´s Bat | Halloween Origami Bat

Want to try out an Halloween Bat that will enhance your child's dexterity? Show them how to fold this origami bat, and they'll have a Halloween decoration made completely from folding and cutting a sheet of paper. These origami bat is a great Halloween decoration. Make an entire colony of these creepy flying mammals to live in your house. These video show you how to make the clasic Mantler's Bat. whith Step-by-step instructions for creating Mantler's Bat, one of the coolest origami bat models available. Kids love making their own paper bats and clipping them on their clothes or anywhere around the house. You can make the bats any size you want. Following the video. These creatures of the night Halloween crafts will give trick-or-treaters a spook and a smile.
Visit us at origami-kids.com

Visit us at origami-kids.com