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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Origami Unicorn | SyFy Channel | House of Imagination

  Origami Unicorn | SyFy Channel | House of Imagination

The House of Imagination, is as part of SCI FI’s brand evolution to Syfy. Visual Effects and the interactive web campaign were carried out at MPC. The two minute brand film was conceived, directed and produced by 4Creative, Channel 4’s creative resource, who in the last month have picked up a Bafta, a D&AD pencil and two Cannes Lions.

The film features a mysterious house on a hill where a huge party is going on. We follow a couple as they tour the party, and at every turn catch glimpses of amazing things taking place. Goldfrapp’s “Happiness” provides the soundtrack for the trip through the never-ending house where anything can and does happen in each one-of-a-kind room. Magical sights in the beautifully produced film range from giant origami unicorns,  among other interesting scenes.


Ok, Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold this SyFy Origami Unicorn.   Enjoy!

How to Fold the Origami Unicorn SyFy